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Welcome to Grams Medical

Grams Medical was established in 1976 and has earned an honorable reputation for quality products and customer satisfaction. We are proud to be a third generation family owned and operated company founded by Guenter Grams – who has collaborated with well renowned surgeons to develop specialized instrumentation designed for plastic and reconstructive surgery. Grams Medical works closely with surgeons, addressing their desire for quality instruments designed to meet specific procedural needs that will deliver precise results for each patient.

We manufacture instruments for plastic and reconstructive surgery, body and facial contouring, as well as a large volume harvesting system, an ultra quiet vacuum aspirator machine, a surgical headlight and a variety of other standard and specialized instrumentation. Grams Medical is the original designer of the "Mercedes" cannula. We can make same-day custom orders and repairs. All of our cannulas are hand crafted with the utmost attention to quality and detail.

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