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Grams Medical Products Instructions and Maintenance

Click on the links below to view our product documentation. All documents require Adobe Reader or your preferred PDF document reader.

Grams Aspirator S-300

Aspirator, Components & Accessories

Grams Headlight HL-100

Headlight & Accessories Headlight Instructions

Grams Cannulae & Syringe Components

Standard Cannula Tips, Handle & Hub Options, Specialized Instruments

SuperTwist LuerLock Syringe Cannulae & Additional Syringe Components

LVHS-600 Large Volume Harvesting System

LHWL Coggins-Grams White Liner Injector Information

CL-340 Canister Instructions

Silicone Tubing SH-323-38

Silicone Tubing SH-324-14

Facial Instrument Kit

Lambros Butterfly Cannula

Lambros Multi-hole Cannula

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